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Sunday, December 23, 2012


HOLIDAY IN DEATH (Pub. 1998) is the 7th novel of the In Death series. I have read all of the books in this series and this is one of my favorites. I had somehow missed reading this one along the way, and picked it up because it's the holidays. I'm sure glad I did - it was a great read for a lot of reasons.

The author does a fantastic job of keeping the tension and suspense up, along with a fast pace. Robb also manages to give us strong characterization while she spins a tale of mystery and death that will hold your interest throughout the story. I wasn't sure who had committed the murders until the very end of the story, when Eve Dallas learns the killer's identify. It was a surprise, but handled in a way that was believable.

What I love best about the In Death series are the characters, Eve Dallas and her husband Roarke. The author has given them such painful, troubled pasts and yet they are both living and loving to the fullest in present day. I love it that Roarke is the richest man in the universe but married to a murder cop. It's fun to peek into the high life of luxury he's given them, and to see Eve constantly bristling against it, preferring the simple things she was used to before she lucked into marrying Roarke.

The author has also managed to flesh out the supporting characters in such a well-rounded and intriguing way they are almost as fun to read about as Eve and Roarke. And on top of all the great writing, JD Robb gives us good mystery/murders, in a full-on clue-digging detective style that makes these stories read like the 'real deal', and not just some girlie-fied romantic suspense.

If you haven't dipped into this series yet, you are missing out.

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