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Monday, August 20, 2012

DEEP DOWN - Book Review of Lee Child's latest Reacher story

Why do you tease me like this Lee? DEEP DOWN (pub. 2012) has got to be the perfect example of how to write a short story/thriller. And what a great short story! The only thing wrong with it is that word 'short' - but at $1.99, it was worth every penny, that's for sure.

I really love that the author has found a way to weave in and out of different times within Jack Reacher's life throughout the series in a completely non-linear way. I sit in awe of Lee Child's ability to mastermind writing a series with that concept cooking. We never know what era of Reacher's life Lee is going to pop us into next, but I've loved every snapshot he's given us.

What I liked best about Deep Down was the way the author plunks Reacher into an uncomfortable political situation, on a mission to unearth a rat without ticking off any of the politicians that the Army is attempting to sway to approve new ammunitions. Even though it's a 'short', Lee makes Reacher have to think and fight in his classic Reacher way.

DEEP DOWN was an easy E-read because of the length. I highly recommend it to all Reacher lovers.